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4               There is only one thatched pub!

8               She spoke at the 2017 Cheltenham Literature festival

9               Have a look at the photo in the village store’s new café…

11            Tenure of land or tenement in a town or city, which involved a fixed money rent

12            Used to measure loads

14            Built in the 1940s, on the A bus route

16            Another word for a skep

17            Used to visit John Fogarty during the Cheltenham Races 5, 6

18            Cricketer Tom Graveney was once landlord of this pub 5, 3

20            This family owned a lot of land including Stokesay Castle in Shropshire


1               A movement founded by Baden Powell

2               Maiden name Thompson, born 1847 and lived in Prestbury from 1848-51 5,7

3               We visited this site on the history walk in June 2016, near the racecourse and alpacas

5               Vicars and landowners; also associated with the names Baghott and Edwards 2,2,4

6               Connected to Gloucester and Wales

7               Known as Overtowne in 1575 probably meaning ‘upper village’

10            A Brook 4,5

13            The incumbent Bishop of this diocese is Richard Frith

15            Something the church and school has in common 2,4

19            Read the plaque outside the Kings Arms for the answer

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