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PLHS Publications can be purchased at our regular indoor meetings or from:

  • Prestbury Library, The Burgage
  • Budgens Prestbury Stores, The High Street
  • By post (add £2.50 UK p&p) contact us via email:


Prestbury: Past & Present Vol. 1 by Michael Cole £10.00
Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 20.35.07 Past & Present Vol. 1, is the first of a series of volumes we hope to create. We are very pleased to have Michael Cole as author of the first in the series, with his depth of knowledge of Prestbury local history and his experience in writing articles and books in the United Kingdom and overseas. For more information please see page 2 of our Spring Newsletter 2016.
Prestbury: Past & Present Vol. 2 by Norman J Baker £10.00
Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 18.58.02 Volume 2 in the Prestbury Past & Present series contains four studies. The first is ‘An Exploration Into the Beginning and Early Development of the Village of Prestbury’ and covers the period of transition from a Saxon estate in the possession of the Bishops of Hereford to a village with nine large open fields. Secondly a study of the history of Home Farm which the author links with the Home Farm of the 13th century moated Manor House. The third study is of Lower Mill the oldest of the two mills which were once operating in Prestbury. The fourth study is a fairly detailed account of the nine open fields, their boundaries and history.
The Court Rolls of the Manor of Prestbury, Gloucestershire 1726 – 1871 by Norman Baker and Michelle Rees £20.00
Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 11.59.23.png NEW! Prestbury Manor Court Rolls are the record of the meetings of the regular court held by the Lord of the Manor. Prestbury is very fortunate in having over 100 rolls from the period 1365 to 1702 and a complete set from 1726 to 1871. This study is an introduction to the volume of transcripts of the Court Rolls 1726 – 1871 and will look at Manor Courts in general and then look in some detail at the Prestbury Manor Court Rolls of that period. This excellent work by Norman Baker and Michelle Rees builds on some earlier studies by Norman. It is a remarkably diligent study of a period when the Manor Court controlled the lives of the people of Prestbury and gives us a view into the life of our village and reminds us of some of the families who may still be found here. It is available for members to view online for free.


Prestbury Remembers WWI by Rebecca Sillence
Prestbury Remembers Cover This eBook detailing the lives of some of the men listed on the village memorial is available to view online for free. It takes the form of an interactive memorial trail around the village, passing many of the houses these men once lived in. There have also been a series of events, displays and talks around the village to mark the centenary of WWI.
Prestbury: A Walk Through Time by Roger Beacham £2.00
Screen shot 2015-04-06 at 11.27.48 This is the first publication under the name of the Prestbury Local History Society. The booklet is meticulously researched and presented. A map is included and plenty of well chosen photographs to accompany the walk. At £2 a copy it provides excellent value for money! Click here for more information…
The Prestbury Post by Tony Noel £3.00
Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 11.41.39 NEW! We are pleased to offer a new local history booklet, which has been researched and written by our chairman Tony Noel, telling the story of the Prestbury Post. Members of the the Sumption family have run the village postal service for more than 140 years, a significant service to the local community and a noteworthy part in our local history. Many in the village will be aware that Prestbury Post Office has recently closed its doors and its future remains uncertain.


The history of Prestbury is the focal point of all of our meetings and activities.  We therefore have a growing list of presentations of research done by members into various aspects of the history of the parish. Where researchers have been willing to provide summaries or whole papers of their presentations they are provided.

The presentations remain in the ownership of the authors who are also responsible for ensuring that their material is not infringing copyright rules.  If readers wish to pursue particular subjects, or can add anything to the research done, then please contact us.

Bouncers Lane – Rebecca Sillence

Home Farm – Norman Baker

The Lower Mill Story – Norman Baker

Prestbury Garden Village – David Jones

Prestbury Remembers WW1 : 1916 – Rebecca Sillence

Prestbury School – Rebecca Sillence

Robert of Prestbury – Tony Noel

Roundheads and Cavaliers in Prestbury – Tony Noel

Prestbury WW1 Slideshow – Rebecca Sillence

Thankful Villages of WW1 – Rebecca Sillence

WOULD YOU LIKE TO PRESENT YOUR RESEARCH?  – we will need your findings to be presented in a clear, accurate way which makes it easy for other researchers and future generations to refer to. Please refer to our guidelines for some pointers.

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