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Would you like to explore our history? If there is a particular building, street, era, person, family, event or subject you are interested in researching we will be happy to help. We also have a list of current research being undertaken by our members.


Places to start your research:

Prestbury Library (including our PLHS Archive)  –  The Burgage, Prestbury

Cheltenham Local & Family History Library  –  Chester Walk, Cheltenham

Gloucestershire Archives  –  Alvin Street, Gloucester

Bristol & Gloucestershire Archeological Society  –  University of Gloucestershire, Francis Close Hall


This guide will be added to, please check again soon…




  1. Researching our family – The Humphreys. William James Thomas Rock Humphreys died in 1898 and his wife Louisa Jane Humphreys née Jenking died 1902. Both buried St Mary’s but separately. Rock left 25000 pounds to her… and her solicitor. Most spent by the time she died. A mystery. We are on Ancestry but would like to know more. Any records there?


  2. Charlie Arve says:

    Just trying to trace my grandparents/parents family home.
    I understand it was called Withinlee or Withinlee House ,possibly at Alderley Edge .
    Also it was used as a hospital during the war.
    Owner at this point Norman Frank



  3. Nathan Eccles says:

    Hello as part of my geography A level coursework I am researching the changes in services in Prestbury over the last 30 years and how this may have impacted on the sense of meaning and place. I have tried the local library but it appears closed at the moment but was hoping to find out what services have declined, what new ones have started and whether they have survived. I am particularly keen to see photographs over the last 30 years of the high street and find out more about what has changed in this time. I will be doing a survey out to local residents by survey monkey to find out how they feel about the changes hopefully reaching a wide demographic. If anyone is able to assist me in my research or make any suggestions of who I could contact/speak to that would be great.


  4. keith east says:

    I live at the The Hayes and am interested to find out more of the history especially as to whether the Hayes had a chapel. I live at house number 1 which has a bell tower and a cross built into the end wall under the bell tower.


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