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Street & Trade Directories

We have recently begun digitising the Prestbury entries from the Cheltenham Annuaire and Kelley’s Directories. Click below to view a year as a PDF file. A guide to using the resource can be read further down this page.

Images reproduced with kind permission of the Cheltenham Local & Family History Library, Chester Walk. 01242 532693 or


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1901 Cheltenham Annuaire

1903 Cheltenham Annuaire

1907 Cheltenham Annuaire

1909 Cheltenham Annuaire

1911 Cheltenham Annuaire


How to use the Street & Trade Directories

The first few pages are dedicated to Regional Information such as poor law union representatives, local clergy, the time the local post or coaches depart, lists of private schools, local JPs etc…

The next pages are the Street Index. Streets that fall within Prestbury have been copied in alphabetical order. A list of streets and terraces we have included in the index can be found further on in this document.

(Research hint: Some houses will have been renumbered or renamed over the years, so you may need to start in more recent history and work your way backwards to be sure you have the correct address.)

Following the streets section there is usually a list of Detached Houses. Again any pages that contain a reference to Prestbury have been copied.

Following this section is the Trades Index this lists local trades people and we have copied any pages which contain an entry for Prestbury. This section is also sometimes followed by Advertisements for local businesses.

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